Our Thanks

We would like to acknowledge the following people for their contributions to the project:

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Pancoast — Without whose dedication and investigative expertise, this story of Fr. Viktor might have escaped the Koch family's attention. Ed Pancoast served in General George Patton's 3rd Army and was stationed in postwar Germany for 15 years where he became friends of the Mueller and Ehrenreich families and learned of Fr. Viktor's heroism.

The Passionist Archives, especially Fr. Robert Carbonneau, C.P. (Archive Director), and Ms. Anita Lewis — godsend friends who have kindly contributed so much time, effort, feedback, and support to this project.

Dr. Christopher Mauriello, Chair of History at Salem State University — Katherine and Chris have collaborated on research concerning the 48-hour ultimatum, and co-presented a paper on the subject at the Midwest Historical Association's 13th Annual conference.

John C. Bates and the Catholic Historical Association of Western Pennsylvania — Katherine wrote an article about Fr. Viktor for the Fall 2014 issue of their journal, Gathered Fragments. John kindly provided permission to use the content of that paper in the story section.

Zita Mueller — Resident of Schwarzenfeld who witnessed Fr. Viktor's heroism and has honored his memory all these years.

Irmi & Susanne Ehrenreich — Residents of Schwarzenfeld who kindly provided reference materials, helpful contacts, and important clarification on details in the story section.

Alicia Nitecki — Her grandfather was a prisoner in the "Death March" from Flossenbuerg. Her gracious assistance in contacting other sources of information contributed to this research.

J. Victor Stern — Son of Mark Stern, a Holocaust survivor of Flossenbuerg, and prior president of the Holocaust Survivors Organization, in Pittsburgh, PA. Mark Stern was on the train at Schwarzenfeld when the air attack began. Of the 14,000 prisoners marched from Flossenbuerg, Mark Stern was one of the 1,500 people to survive the 8 day death march.

Regina Donnelly & Loretta DeSantis from the Mercer County Genealogical Society — they provided detailed early family information of Fr. Viktor and subsequent article in the Sharon Herald newspaper.

Daniel Bauer — grand-nephew of Fr. Viktor, for sharing much of his information and documentation about the Monastery in Schwarzenfeld.

Pater Nikolaus Seitz C.P. — Passionist Priest of Maria Shutz, Semmering Pass, Germany, for his assistance in attaining a photograph of Fr. Viktor's tombstone.

Pater Klemens Hayduck, C.P. — Passionist Priest of Miesbergkirche, Schwarzenfeld, Germany. Fr. Klemens has provided a great deal of information and history about Fr. Viktor.

The Koch family photographs were provided by Carol Koch, also a grand-niece of Fr. Victor, (where we found many photographs of Fr. Viktor)

Mr. Markus Glaser—Researcher and resident of Schwarzenfeld, Germany. Markus continues investigating events that occured in postwar Germany.

Bishop Paul Boyle, C.P. First Bishop of Mandeville — he provided a glimpse into Fr. Viktor's personality and way of life at the monastery.

Fr. Xavier Hayes, C.P. — Bishop Molloy Retreat House, Jamacia, N.Y. Fr. Xavier provided copies of the "Bulletin" and "The Passionist" publications, chronicling the history of the German Foundation from 1945 through the mid 1950s.

Fr. Gregor Lenzen, C.P., Provincial of the German/Austrian Viceprovince of the Passionists, Munich, Germany, and Fr. Albert Kofler, C.P. at Maria Schutz — Frs. Gregor and Albert provided photographs of Fr. Viktor at the monastery.

Laurie Miller — Laurie provided two photo albums inherited from Mary Bauer which contained photographs of Fr. Viktor around 1922.

Oswald Wilhelm — Historian in Schwarzenfeld—provided information about Fr. Viktor's activities during and after the April 25th buial of KZ prisoners.

Bettina — A special thank you for your language translation assistance, support, and expertise on this project.